Bargain Makeup from Primark

Posted by Thatsgirly on July 23, 2009 - 10:11 pm

primark-makeupI was in Manchester at the weekend for a fab Graduation ceremony (exactly a year today since mine!)  and I couldn’t resist but to head into Manchester city centre for a bit (well a lot) of shopping!


Although there are a lot of designer shops and big department stores in Manchester, I was so happy to come across their big Primark store. I was even more ecstatic to find their new, cheap and funky make up range.


As you can see in the picture they have glammed up their design and it reminds me of a certain brand that have a very similar concept for their packaging (can you guess who?). What I was really impressed with was the price of each product.

£2 for each nail varnish

£2 for the mascara

£2 for the blusher/bronzer


I have tried the nail varnishes and I am very impressed with the colours, there were so many to pick from they are so bright and vibrant and it applies so easily and I only needed to put 2 coats on.  


I was also pleased to find that the duo blusher/bronzer came with a cute little brush that can be stored in the box, it was very easily to apply however I did find by midday it wasn’t very noticeable so it didn’t last very long.


I like the idea of the mascara with the double end that can be used to clean up your mistakes, I find that I am always getting mascara on my eyelids when I am applying in the morning. The mascara is waterproof and it did live up to that, however I found that when I curled my eyelashes it didn’t hold the curl and there was a peculiar smell to the mascara that can be slightly off putting.  


Overall, I would definatly purchase the nail varnishes again, however I’m not so sure on the mascara and blusher/bronzer. But for the price of each product I don’t think I expected any more. If you need cheap quick fixes this is definatly worth considering!!!

Let me know if you have tried this range or if you have found any bargain makeup!!

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