Tried and Tested – MAC cleansing Wipes

Posted by Thatsgirly on June 10, 2009 - 11:01 pm



Whilst browsing in my local Cosmetic Company store (which I absolutely love doing every weekend) I came across a excellent bargain – MAC cleansing wipes, 100 for £9.00! I decided this was a must buy and rushed to counter to pay.


In the evening I decided to try the cleansing wipes, I pulled the first wipe out and I noticed it felt quite different to the wipes I normally use (Simple wipes) and the size of the wipes were quite small. Once I removed all of my eye makeup I needed to pull out another one for the rest of my face! I soon decided that I  wasn’t so keen on the wipes, they are not as soft as I thought they would be and they also felt quite chemically. When I was using the wipe it felt like it was stripping too much of the natural oils from my face and left my face quite tight afterwards.


Although the cleansing wipes did the job and removed my makeup, I wasn’t happy with the way it left my skin feeling afterwards.  I love the MAC brand however not so keen on these cleansing  wipes!    

Have you ever tried the wipes? Let me know what you think!


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